Thursday, 13 March 2014


Hello Everyone,

I am back here with something different and new one that I tried..Papier-mâché.

Papier Mache means Chewed Paper in French. It's basically made with pulp or paper pieces with starch or flour paste.
Here are the ones that I made
S and M representing mine and my husband's name's starting letters.
S and M representing mine and my husband's name's starting letters
Wondering why "S" is like that..It's my husband's writing style of  "S". I tried replicating it.
Here is the procedure for the same
1. I have cut down those letters on a paper and traced it on to the card stock that I have in my home. You need two pieces of one letter. One for top and the other for bottom. Use some scraps to attach both the pieces to give 3D look. Can use cereal boxes or the brown card stock that come as a packages for electronics. Refer to the picture below.
Second piece will be added on the top
2. Now comes the main ingredient of Papier Mache i.e., Adhesive to glue the papers. This is made using All purpose flour, Salt and Water. Mix it all and cook it for less than 5 minute and your glue will be ready.
3. Take some newspapers and cut them in to long pieces. No need to be perfect you can just tear it.
4. Use the flour paste and paste the papers to the letter. Make sure you paste the second one on the edges of the first paper attached and repeat the same until you feel it is strong enough to stand.
5. Let it dry for one or two days and you can paint it with some acrylic paints.

I am sorry for not giving detailed description through photos as I haven't taken much. But here is the inspiration for me to create this which has detailed descriptions.

Hope you like this and if you have some paints already in home this DIY is pretty cheap but gives a great look.

Entering this to

L - Letters
U - Upcycling (News paper and cardboard)
P - Paints, Paper Mache technique , Paper
C - Cardboard

Just Keep on Creating - Anything goes 2014 

See you soon..


P.S: Will update with some more pics soon.


  1. Hi Anjali,
    Thanks so much for entering my giveaway, wishing you the best of luck :). I love your creations, maybe you will consider entering your work on my Anything goes link up blog, Just keep on creating. It's a fun place to share what you have been creating. I will be back soon to see what you have been creating :)

    1. So nice of you..I Loved your link up blog with loads of prizes to win..Will participate for sure..

  2. What a lovely tutorial, thanks for joining my candy, so glad you like it and I wish you good luck, hugs, Marion

    1. Thanks for visiting and leaving me your comments Marion..

  3. thanks so much for sharing this project at Anything goes, Just keep on creating. Paper mache looks like lots of fun, will have to try it sometime:)

    1. Thanks Suzarte..Give it a try it's really fun to make it..

  4. What an amazing project this is. And, I really liked your recycling idea very much!

    Thank you so much for playing along the Second Birthday Celebration challenge at Lulupu and Best of luck!


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