Monday, 10 February 2014

My first Quilling - Lord Ganesh


Thanks for all the comments on Hearts in a Heart . I am so excited and one more item is cooking up on my craft table.

Here is Eco Green - Lord Ganesh which is my first quilling one in my hands..I glued a magnet using hot glue gun and using it as a fridge magnet.

This was done using my favourite item - Quilling Slotted tool ( Love it as it is the one which inspired me to start quilling).


Hope you liked it and please let me know you comments...



  1. This is such a beautifully proportioned Ganesha!

  2. I found all the giveaways going on from your sidebar! Thanks...would be really nice if I won one...being a mere student, I have very little money for craft supplies.

    1. Happy to know that the intention of placing candy's on sidebar is fulfilling.. I recently won one candy from Joy Crafts and I am so excited for that and I am checking my mailbox everyday for the parcel..Hope you too experience it very soon..


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